Welcome to KogenBudo. This site concerns information on the martial arts that I (Ellis Amdur) am directly associated. In addition, there are also links to interviews and articles, as well as a blog, where I will occasionally publish new essays.

The title, KogenBudo, is a play on words, to encompass all my interests in martial arts. I train in two classical Japanese martial traditions, the Araki-ryu and the Toda-ha Buko-ryu, but also have practiced modern muay thai, judo, aikido as well as Chinese martial arts.

I am also currently training in modern innovative methods of internal strength, (the functional integration of mind, body and nervous system to function at peak efficiency) and also modern police-oriented combatives.

Any and all of these will be discussed on this site. In addition to my own writing, I will invite others to write essays for my blog, so that those interested can have the opportunity to read the thoughts of people I respect most.