Ellis Amdur

EAPhotoI have pursued the study of East Asian martial traditions since the late 1960s.

I have trained in a number of martial systems over the years. My primary area of study has been koryu (classical Japanese martial traditions), specifically the Araki-ryu torite kogusoku and the Toda-ha Buko-ryu.

I trained in aikido with Terry Dobson, Yoshio Kuroiwa and Yasunori Kuwamori, and to this day, work with various aikido dojos, offering my unique take on the art, under the rubric of Taikyoku Aikido.

I also trained, for various periods of time, in: Judo at Tokai University’s Fifth Branch High School judo team; Muay Thai at Koei Gym in Tokyo (the link is film of my senior, Igari Genshu); and Brazilian jiujitsu with a number of expert friends.

For many years, a primary focus of my training was internal Chinese martial arts, specifically: xingyi chu’an (studying varying lengths of time with Su Dong Chen, and Chris Bates) and tai chi ch’uan with with Madame Gao Fu and Qian Timing.

Aside from my ongoing koryu training, I have most recently been training in two new areas: the basics of Arrestling, under the instruction of its founder, Don Gulla and many other seniors in the system, and a focus on principle-based training regarding coordination of the body, often referred to as internal strength.